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Scientz-18N,Scientz-18ND Electric Heating Freeze-Drying Machine

Scientz-18N,Scientz-18ND Electric Heating Freeze-Drying Machine

Freeze Drying Equipment:

  1. It applies a technical method by which misture-bearing substances frozen in advance become dry in the cacuum owing to vaporizing away the moisture.
  2. The substances frozen can be well-preserved for a long time and returned to their former state once being watered without losing their biochemical properties.
  3. The freeze -drying technology is especially ideal for those bio-products sensitive to antibiotic,vaccines,blood products,enzymes and hormones.
  4. This machine is also suitable sample freezing experiments and small -scale production in labs.
  5. The series can be categorized as:Normal model,Layer model,Normal model with many pumps,Layer model with many pumps.


  1. In line with international standards of green enviroment friendly.
  2. LCD display,display drying curve.
  3. Large opening trap,no coil inside,with samples prefreeze function.
  4. Refrigeration compressor imported,low noise.
  5. Cold trap and control panel were made by stainless steel,corrosion-resistant,easy to clean.
  6. Transparent drying room,secure and intuitive
  7. Stainless steel sample holder,common sample plate spacing adjustable
  8. Small size and convenient operation
  9. Optional nitrogen inflation valve

Main Technical Parameters:


*No-load temperature:≤-60°c,<-80°c optional

*No-load freeze area:0.18-0.27m2

*Plate load material:2-3.5L

*Ability to capture water:6Kg/24h



*Material Tray Specification:Ø240mm four-layered 70mm(common)/Ø240mm six-layered 50mm(common)optional/Ø200mm three-layered(with cover)

*Consuming wattage:1300VA



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