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DYCZ-20C Electrophoresis Cell

DYCZ-20C Electrophoresis Cell


* Horizontal gel casting method makes gel casting simple, convenient and problem free;

* The main tank plate is transparent, spliced, exquisite, durable, no chemical pollution; chemical-resistant, pressure-resistant;

* Distinctive design for heat dissipation maintains uniform temperature and avoids smile patterns. There is a room between the gel room and the main tank plate, which is for buffer solution and buffer solution will eliminate the heat that produced during the running;

* Safety lid design prevents high voltage buffer shock, if you want to open the lid, you need to take away the cathode lead first;

* Simple and easy installation of the tank;* High quality and clear electrophoresis patterns can be obtained;



*    Gel dimension: 300 X 340 (mm);

*    Runs up to 64 samples (shark teeth comb);

*    Comb thickness: 0.4 (mm); 

*    Buffer volume: about 1,500 ml;

*    Size (L X W X H):430×130×410 (mm);

*    Weight: about 12 kg. 



For DNA sequencing, Differential display, AFLP or SSCP research and Oligonucleotide analysis ect.


Suitable Electrophoresis Power Supply

DYY – 10C (cat.#:113-1030), DYY – 12C(cat.#:113-1230) or DYY-12 (cat.#: 113-1200).

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