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5B-2H type (V8) portable multi parameter water quality analyzer

5B-2H type (V8) portable multi parameter water quality analyzer


1. The field under the condition of no power supply direct determination of chemical oxygen demand (cod), ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, turbidity, several parameters, such as concentration of direct reading; 

2. Automatic switching measurement parameters; 

Article 3. The memory of 113 standard curve can be revise and save; 

Article 53 points

4. Memory regression fitting curve, can be automatically calculated and saved; 

5. The instrument can be automatically calculated according to the standard sample and store the curve; 

6. Can accurate store 12000 measurement data (date, time, parameters, the determination results); 

7. Equipped with thermal printers, print the current data and all the historical data;

8. To all the current data transmission and storage of the computer history data, support USB, infrared wireless transmission (optional); 

9. Eliminate power with load quantity adjustment automatically, intelligent temperature control; 

10.Automatic constant temperature remind, automatic countdown, time can adjust at will and save regularly;

 11. The big color LCD display screen, large and small font display mode switch freely, display data more clearly, more detailed parameters;

12. Equipped with high intelligent portable handheld lithium-ion batteries, maximum continuous dispelling the 60 COD water samples;


Technical indicators:

Measurement items COD Ammonia nitrogen Total phosphorus turbidity
Determination range 2-10000mg/L 0.02-60mg/L 0.002-20mg/L 0.5-400NTU
Measurement accuracy COD<50mg/L,≤±10%   COD>50mg/L,≤± 5% ≤±10% ≤±5% ≤±5%
Minimum detection limit 0.1mg/L 0.01mg/L 0.001mg/L 0.1NTU
Measurement time 20 minutes 10~15 minutes 35~50 minutes 1 minutes
Repeatability ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5% ≤±5%
Light source life 100000 hours
Optical stability ≤0.001A/10min
Storage data 12000
Number of curves 166
Display mode Color liquid crystal (320X240)
interface USB
Digestion temperature 165±0.5   120±0.5  
Digestion time 10 minutes   
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